If you’re on holiday on the west coast, it’s obvious to go to the beach. In Hvide Sande, there are plenty of opportunities to swim in both the roaring West Sea and the calm Ringkøbing Fjord.

By the North Sea, there is a fine sandy beach that offers something for everyone, regardless of whether you like to throw yourself in the waves, swim at the water’s edge, surf or perhaps just lie and laze in the soft, white sand. The children have a perfect playground, which offers many hours of fun building sand castles, finding stones and shells or playing ball at the water’s edge.

The beaches at Hvide Sande have been awarded the Blue Flag, which is only given to the best beaches with the cleanest bathing water. There are lifeguards on Hvide Sande Sydstrand every day during the summer holidays and there are lifeguard stations along all the beaches, so safety is top notch.

To the east you find Ringkøbing Fjord, which has some of Europe’s best water for surfing and other water sports. The bathing water is top notch and very child-friendly, as the water is shallow and calm for a long way out. Here you will also find the soft, white sand that invites you to lie down and bask in the sun, or build a sandcastle.


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