The area around Hvide Sande is a really good place for cyclists. There is a well-laid out nature trail that runs from Nymindegab in the south to Søndervig in the north. It is located between the dunes, through the heath, away from the noise and noise of the road and is part of the North Sea Route, which runs through seven countries around the North Sea.

Along the country road there is also an asphalted cycle path that goes through Hvide Sande, to Søndervig and Ringkøbing. It is not as hilly as the nature trail, but also provides a nice ride through the West Jutland landscape.

Other activities


Ringkøbing Fjord one of the most optimal places in Europe for wind and kitesurfing. No matter which corner the wind blows from, you can always surf here.


Hvide Sande offers some of the most varied fishing – pier fishing, sea fishing, fjord and river fishing – exciting opportunities all year round.

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Download the site overview here
Download the site overview here