Activities around Hvide Sande

The area around Hvide Sande offers a range of exciting activities and sights that will enrich your stay in the area. Here are some of the most notable activities you can explore:

  • <strong>Nature reserves and national parks:</strong>

    Discover the area’s natural beauty by visiting nearby nature reserves and national parks. “Tipperne” is a nearby bird sanctuary where you can observe a rich variety of birds in their natural habitat. The Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can also be reached quickly and offers unique marsh landscapes and hiking trails.

  • <strong>Ringkøbing Fjord:</strong>

    This beautiful fjord area offers a wide range of activities including windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking and fishing. The fjord is also a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers, who can explore the fjord’s surroundings on foot or by bike.

  • <strong>Coastal hike</strong>

    There are several hiking trails along the coast where you can enjoy the fresh sea air and spectacular views of the North Sea. You can explore the area on your own or take part in guided hikes to learn more about the area’s nature and history.

  • <strong>Fishing:</strong>

    In addition to the fishing port in Hvide Sande, you can also explore other fishing areas along the coast. Hvide Sande offers different catches depending on the season. You can find out more about this at:

  • <strong>Cultural experiences:</strong>

    Visit local museums and cultural centers to learn about the region’s maritime history, fishing culture, and art scene. The Hvide Sande Museum offers insight into the town’s development and the importance of fishing, while art galleries showcase works by local artists.

  • <strong>Golf:</strong>

    If you are a golf lover, you can challenge yourself at one of the nearby golf courses. Enjoy a round of golf with stunning views of the coastal landscape. Read more here:

  • <strong>Beach experience:</strong>

    In addition to Hvide Sande’s own beach, you can also explore other nearby beaches, such as Nymindegab Strand or Vedersø Klit Strand. These places are ideal for relaxation, sand castles and beach activities.

  • <strong>Klegod Fishing Lake: </strong>

    Klegod Fishing Lake is a charming fishing destination near Klegod on the North Sea in Denmark. This is an ideal location for those who enjoy fishing and want to spend time in beautiful picturesque surroundings.

Whether you prefer active outdoor experiences, nature observation, cultural events or just want to relax on the coast, you will find a variety of activities around Hvide Sande to suit your interests and preferences. You can read much more here:

Activities for children around Hvide Sande

  • <strong>Activities at Ringkøbing Fjord:</strong>

    Directly opposite the campsite, on the other side of the street, is the Westwind surfing school. Here children can be taught in different ways, on the water, in a bright and quiet environment. You can read much more about it here:

  • <strong>Lalandia in Søndervig:</strong>

    Lalandia Søndervig has numerous child-friendly activities and play areas, including a playground, an indoor playroom, children’s clubs and entertainment programs for children of all ages. Additionally, one of the biggest attractions is the large water park, which includes an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, water slides, a wave pool and fun water activities. You can read much more here:

  • <strong>Bork Legeland: </strong>

    his indoor playground near Hvide Sande offers a wide range of fun activities such as climbing walls, bouncy castles, slides and much more. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the children to recharge their batteries outside, regardless of the weather. Read more here:

  • <strong>Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum:</strong>

    Visit the Museum Center in Ringkøbing-Skjern, where children can learn about the area’s history through interactive exhibitions and activities. The museum offers an exciting insight into life on the coast and often offers special child-friendly events. Read more here:

  • <strong>Lyngvig fyr: </strong>

    Take the kids to Lyngvig Lighthouse, where they can climb the lighthouse and enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding area. It can be an exciting experience for children to explore a real lighthouse. Read more here: ​​

  • <strong>Hvide Sande Kabelpark:</strong>

    Hvide Sande Kabelpark is known for its cable systems that pull you across the water on water skis or wakeboards. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced user: under the expert guidance of trainers, you can learn to balance on the water, glide over the waves and perform tricks. If you’ve never tried water skiing or wakeboarding, don’t worry. The Cable Park offers guidance and training to help you get started and develop your skills safely. You don’t need to bring your own equipment. T he rope park has all the necessary equipment, including water skis, wakeboards and life jackets. The Hvide Sande Cable Park is also child-friendly and children and young people can take part in the activities with appropriate training and supervision. Read more here:

  • <strong>Legoland Billund: </strong>

    Is an iconic amusement park and paradise for LEGO fans in the city of Billund, Denmark. Part of the LEGO Group, the park invites visitors to a colorful and imaginative world where LEGO bricks transform into lifelike creations and exciting rides. Whether you are a child or an adult, Legoland Billund is a place where you can experience the joy of building, exploring and playing. You can read a lot more on the Legoland website:

  • <strong>Hvide Sande indoor swimming pool:</strong>

    As a unique opportunity when renting a cabin type at Hvide Sande Camping, unlimited free access for the whole family to the Hvide Sande swimming pool is included. Read more here:

  • <strong>Fiskeriets hus: </strong>

    As a unique opportunity, renting a cabin of any type at Hvide Sande Camping includes unlimited free access for the whole family to the Fishing Museum in Hvide Sande. If you are interested in cultural and scientific things, Fiskeriets Hus is an obvious option. It is an attraction that combines exhibitions, lessons and experiences to give visitors a deeper understanding of the role of fishing in society and nature and much more. You can read much more about Fiskeriets Hus here:


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